Zed9 Role Playing Mystery Games

Canada's First Ever Jubensha in English

Please Book Your Game Through Text (604-379-4796), Phone, Email, or Instagram @zed9_mystery. For Game-Specific Details, Please Refer To The Menu Page. 

For a limited time from March 1 to March 31, all 8 jubensha games be 30% off from Monday - Thursday (holidays excluded)!

Down To The Abyss

7 Players

Genre: Mystery, Horror, Identity Restoration

The Forbidden Tower 🆕🔥🔥

7 Players

Genre: Dungeon Exploration, PVP, Murder Mystery


7 Players

Genre: Murder Mystery, Identity Restoration

The Woman By The Window🔥

6 Players

Genre: Murder Mystery, Deception

The Demise Of The Pocket Knight 🆕🔥

6 Players

Genre: Identity Discovery, PVP, Murder Mystery, Deception

The Dark Council

6 Players

Genre: Faction Battle, Murder Mystery, Deception

Divine Revelation

6 Players

Genre: European Murder Mystery, Deception

Parker Davis 🆕

7 Players

Genre: PVE, Mystery Solving, Deception

Don't have enough players for a game? Not a problem! Just shoot us an email or message on Instagram and we will try our best to match you with another group of players with the same interest to play the game. Don't worry, this concept of "car-pooling" is very common in jubensha games, and all personal information will be kept confidential.

"What Is A Jubensha Game?"

If You Are Into Suspense Movies


Have You Ever Imagined Yourself

 As A Detective Who Solves Mysterious Cases


Welcome To The World Of Jubensha Games!

 Jubensha Game Is A Live Action Role Playing Game (Also Referred As LARP) That Requires Multiple Players

Players Are Each Given A Character With A Complex Back-Story

There Will Be Clues And Players Are Asked To Interact With Other Players As They Attempt To Solve A Crime

 During The Game, You Will Solve One Or Multiple Mystery Cases

As A Detective, You Will Need To Find Out The Truth Behind Each Case 


Capture "The Murderer".


You Are The "Murderer" 

Who Needs To Hide Yourself!