About Zed9 Mystery

Welcome to Zed9 Mystery,  your gateway to the exciting universe of jubensha. We have a passionate and dedicated team of DMs (hosts), striving to provide our customers with unforgettable role-playing experiences.

Our Story

Zed9 Mystery Jubensha started as a passion between friends who shared a passion for playing and hosting jubensha. The store originally opened for Chinese-only games. As time passed, we received numerous inquiries regarding interests for the English-speaking customers, and we want to try our best to serve and provide the same experience to English-only games. Although we faced many challenges along the way, we were eventually able to generate and produce English jubensha and introduce them to the audience here in the Greater Vancouver Region. Our staff work extremely hard to navigate through the complex development of jubensha and dedicate themselves to bring the best experiences to our customers. Today, we proudly serve the Greater Vancouver area and welcome any visitors throughout the world to enjoy your time here at Zed9 as Canada's 1st ever English Jubensha Store.

Our Services

Zed9 Mystery Jubensha offers a wide range of jubensha experiences and board games that cater to all interests and difficulty levels. If you or your party don't have enough players for a game of jubensha, we offer services to help you match with another group. 

A Bit More About Us...

The store currently consists of 2 floors and have over 6 unique theme rooms for groups of jubensha and/or other gaming experiences. We try our best to make your experience unique and unforgettable to make the room theme and ambience fit the game you are about to play. All rooms can be rented for other purposes (e.g. team building events, birthday parties). Please contact us to reserve them ahead of time. We strive in providing the best experience to our customers and we are proud to have a 4.9 stars review on Google.

Our Mission and Vision

Zed9 Mystery Jubensha is dedicated to delivering an immersive gaming experience that meets or surpasses customers' expectations. Our vision is to establish ourselves as the top destination for jubensha experiences in British Columbia. We strive to be the leader of the industry and continuing to develop and push forward.